Aiptasia & Majano Remover

Aiptasia & Majano Remover

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Aiptasia & Majano Remover

The latest development for the removal of Aiptasia & Majano Anemones. Ultralife, thru years of research and experimentation, has developed a  100% All Natural, simple and effective solution to treat these anemones. This product is Reef safe, fast, effective and will not alter your water chemistry. This is the best solution for the aquarist who’s tank has been invested with these fast multiplying Anemones. Simply apply the solution to the top of the anemone (no injection required) and watch the results. 3ml Syringe included.  Simply the Best.


When used as directed it will not harm any desirable aquarium inhabitants.


Contains No Calcium Chloride, Calcium Hydroxide or Pepper-based products.


100% All Natural    Treats over 300 Anemones


Aquarium Use Only, Keep out of reach of children.


Makes 5.36 oz (150 ml) Net Weight: 2.43 oz (68 g )