AF ICP Multipack ICP 5+1

1.500,00 kr.

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Multipack of ICP-OES test vials and codes allowing you testing your water for 6 times.
Based on many years of experience, we have developed the best water parameters for marine tanks that allow animals to grow healthy and provide them vivid colouration. It’s easy! Send us a water sample and after thorough analysis we will tell you how to make your tank even more beautiful.
Analysing the results of the ICP-OES test, our system will select products which supplementation will allow you to achieve the suggested values of elements. In addition to the results of this amazingly detailed test, you’ll also get a suggested supplementation strategy from us.
Thanks to the detailed analysis, you will be able to provide optimal conditions for the development of corals and other marine organisms. Remember that slowed-down growth, algae blooms or weaker colouration of corals suggest that something bad is happening in the tank.

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