LPS Grow and color, M (250ml)

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LPS Grow and Color M 250ml Dose – Pellet food created especially for keeping LPS corals and other AZOOX corals.

LPS Grow and Color is a special LPS and Azoo pellet food for perfect colors and growth.

Natural plancton, combined with special proteins are the formula for success. 

Fauna Marin LPS food was created especially for keeping coloured LPS corals and other AZOOX corals.

2 x weekly feed the particles direct to the corals.
Shutdown your pumps and place one particel by Polyp to each coral.
Use the Fauna Marin ReefBuster for target feeding.


proteins 75%, carbohydrates 12%, fats 8%, Marine marine proteins, lipids,
Omega3fatty-acids, marine olis , antioxidants. Trace Elements. Marine Organic Elements 

for aquarium use only.

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