Reef Disc Mini Ø 2cm 6stk pk

39,00 kr.

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The new type of breed disc!

Due to the special shape of the stones, each offshoot can easily be placed on a light grid plate or on the Coral Deck. The animals don’t fall over anymore. For the dispatch or the attachment of the offspring into the decoration the foot of the offspring stone can be broken off simply and one receives a perfect stone around it in the decoration with each kind of adhesive to fix.
Additionally with a second “breaking point” to remove also the last “overhang” at the disc and thus even more discreetly placeable in the reef.

The new surface structure allows all common coral adhesives to adhere very well and thus contributes to an uncomplicated reproduction. Thanks to the structure, the coral adhesives can attach themselves even better to the plug and the danger of unintentional detachment from the offshoot is reduced to a minimum.
After a short time, the cuttings are indistinguishable from the rest of the reef. Due to its porous structure, it is quickly colonized by red algae and similar useful organisms of the reef.
The special material of the stone is neutral in sea water and favours the growth of corals.

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