Maxspect Nano Tech Bio Block, 1.080m2 (2pcs)

250,00 kr.

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The Nano Tech BioSpheres are a durable arrangement of smaller spheres creating an ultra-high surface area media (11,635ft² per sphere). It reduces the volume of biomedia which is actually required for efficient nutrient cycling in fresh and saltwater aquariums. This unique ceramic media has a cross-cutting surface area which creates an ideal surface for a dense populations of beneficial bacteria that remove ammonia and nitrites from your aquariums water. The use of established technology borrowed from the sewage treatment industry takes care of a proven record of nutrient removal in waste water. Instead of using mounds of costly live rock within the aquarium for biological surface we now have the option to regain more space and less weight in our aquariums and sumps.
Putting all Nano-Tech Bio Blocks in mesh bag make it easy to maintenance and save huge place for other equipment’s.

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