AF Air Scrubber Media

250,00 kr.

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AF CO2 Scrubber Medium helps preventing harmful fluctuations in parameters caused by low water pH. The medium is a white, dry pellet. It tightly fills the filter chamber, while allowing air flow. As a result, it perfectly absorbs carbon dioxide. Used and replaced regularly, it guarantees stable pH in the aquarium.

According to our tests, the Aquaforest CO2 Scrubber Medium can raise the pH ~0.2 – 0.4 degrees and its stabilization in the range of 8.0 – 8.4. We recommend using the Aquaforest CO2 Scrubber Medium together with the Aquaforest CO2 Scrubber filter. This configuration ensures the most effective removal of CO2 from the air drawn in by the skimmer. The color changing medium wears out gradually, easily indicating when to replace the cartridge. We recommend replacing it before the color changes completely. The cartridge is meant for single use, cannot be regenerated and reused. Its saturation with carbon dioxide can be recognized by the pellet color. When the cartridge turns purple it means that it absorbed carbon dioxide. Only original CO2 filter cartridges ensure their uninterrupted operation and the highest efficiency. In order to obtain optimal and long-lasting filtration, it is recommended to use AF CO2 Scrubber Medium together with a dedicated AF CO2 Scrubber filter.

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