Multi RMS Arms Kit – 2 pcs

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Multi RMS Kit Mount – contains 2 Arms

RMS is Better for Tank Mounting
Standard and Rimless Tank Compatible: Fits the vast majority of commercially available standard and rimless tanks.
Attractive and Minimalistic: A low profile, sleek design keeps your attention on your tank not on your tank mount.
Super Easy Setup: No drilling, no cutting and no holes in your wall or stand – have your light mounted in minutes.
Heavy Duty: Sturdy metal and plastic construction will last the life of your tank.
Integrated Cord Management: Keep power cords secured out of sight on the mount
Multiple Components for a Clean Look: One size fits all only goes so far, different rail lengths are included to best fit your tank.
Adjusts for Fine Tuning: Need to move your Radion forward or backward a little – no problem.
Mount Lights Parallel or Perpendicular: Rotating X-brackets lets you orient your lights laterally or longitudinally.

Mounting Arms and Mounting Bracket

Not included
Sliding Rails*
All Necessary Hardware
*Specific to XR15 or XR30 kit.

RMS Multiple Radion Tank Mount System
The RMS system isn’t just for small tanks. Because the RMS is modular – tank mounting on large tanks just got a whole lot easier.

Take two of the same arms used in the single mount kits, an extended rail and u-mounts – and in minutes you can assemble a custom large tank mount. This configuration will also allow tank mounting on euro-braced tanks.RMS parts are available to upgrade a single tank mount or build a large RMS solution from scratch. Find RMS parts at your LFS or order them from our parts store.

Build Your Own Multi Fixture RMS
Whether you need a rail mount RMS setup with 2 XR15s to span a 3ft (1m) office tank, or two rails with 8 XR30s on your 8ft (2.5m) reefing masterpiece – the RMS system has you covered. To make a two-arm mount for multiple Radions simply get the two arm kit, the rail length you need, and then add in the appropriate number and type of U-Mount X-Brackets

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