Pure Nordic Raw Nutridust

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Pure Nordic Raw Nutridust
Pure Nordic Raw Nutridust is an organic powder-based whole, which is not only an important source of nutrition, but also provides probiotics, especially to freshly hatched shrimps/ crustaceans. Nutridust also promotes the formation of important biofilm in the aquarium. The addition of probiotics helps baby and adult shrimp in two ways. First it helps with digestion in the shrimp’s gut. Next it improves the resistance to pathogens by colonising the gut and crowding out any room for the development of bad bacteria. The Raw process ensures that nutrition and probiotics enter the baby gut intact to help with digestion and form healthy microbes to boost their immunity. You can now be sure that your shrimp receive a fresh product that contains all the nutritional value as nature has intended.whole feed nutrition, especially for freshly hatch shrimp. 
promotes biofilm in the aquarium. adult will also love it.

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