AF Red Boost 250ml

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Professional formula composed from selected micronutrients and phytohormones stimulating red coloring of plants. The green color of leaves is conditioned by presence of chlorophyll. Red aquatic plants also contain other pigments such as xanthophylls, carotenoids, anthocyanins, and flavonoids. These give the plant shades of red, violet, and orange. Specific-purpose fertilization is necessary in order to bring out natural red coloring of plants. The content of phytohormones further enhances growth and development of plants. Carefully prepared AF Red Boost formula delivers all ingredients needed for a healthy look, impressive vivid plant coloring.

In the aquarium: for average amount of plants: 4 drops of AF Red Boost per 100 liters of water daily; for large amount of plants: 8 drops of AF Red Boost per 100 l of water daily. Recommended parallel use with AF Macro. Absorbents such as zeolite and/or carbon may reduce effectiveness of the formula. Only for aquatic purposes. Protect from sunlight. Keep at room temperature in a tightly closed container, keep out of reach of children.

1 ml in 10 l of aquarium water will raise levels:

Mg Magnesium 0,28 mg/l (ppm)
Mn Manganese 0,24 mg/l (ppm)
Fe Iron 0,38 mg/l (ppm)
Mo Molybdenum 0,6 µg/l

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