Fish Recover M – treatment of bacterial infections (250ml)

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  • All-Natural, botanical extract remedy for the treatment of a broad spectrum of bacterial infections in marine fish
  • Treats open sores, ulcerations, body slime, redness in fins and body, cloudy eyes and tail and fin rot.
  • Rapidly promotes the regrowth of damaged skin tissue and fin and tail loss due to disease and stress.
  • Stimulates fish’s immune system to prevent disease and help fight off existing infections.
  • Safe for all marine fish (including sharks, rays, seahorses, and eels) and marine invertebrates including delicate corals, clams, anemones, and shrimp.
  • Will not adversely affect the biological filter as seen with traditional antibiotic usage.
  • Does not alter water parameters.


125ml | 250ml | 500ml | 2L

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