eSHa Trimarin – 180ml

390,00 kr.

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eSHa Trimarin is a wide range disease treatment for Marine fish in sea water aquariuma.
– Effectively treats many disease organisms like oodinium, cryptocarion, ichthyophthirius and many others.
– Eliminates the danger of choosing the wrong treatment. eSHa Trimarin solves Marine lchthyo, Coral Fish Disease, Finrot, Fungus and many other fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections. Trimarin can also be used for Seahorse ailments.

Dosage eSHa Trimarin:1. day: 25 drops on 100 l water
2. day 12 drops on 100 l water
3. day 12 drop on 100 l water
20 ml are sufficient for 800 litres of water.

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