eSHa-ndx – 500ml

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eSHa-NDX is basically Levamisole HCl which is used to rid fish of various internal worms. In my case it seems to have been effective in killing a type of camallanus worm infection, which had already killed one of my fish. The fish tend to die of secondary bacterial infection after the worms break down the intestinal wall. So if you’re purchasing this because you have seen visible worms it might be wise to look for a source of antibiotics just in case they are also needed.

Levamisole HCl is not readily available to aquarists – there are many anecdotes relating how people have been obliged to use various dilutions of wormers sold to treat pigeons and other birds. Having it in a form where one simply adds one drop per litre of aquarium water is therefore very handy.

Its is critically important to repeat the dose (in my experience) if there are still visible worms after 3 days of black out. I would not advise dosing immediately, but after a huge water change (80-90%), a very thorough clean of the substrate and a few days to run your filter with carbon and feed the fish up with the best quality food you can find, remembering that any still infected fish is being robbed of most of its nutrition by the worms.

You should in any case repeat the dose after three weeks regardless because you need to kill off any worms that have grown from the larval stage since the first dose. Levamisole seems not to affect the larval and juvenile stages of worms – though this probably varies with different species.

So it’s 1 drop per litre of aquarium water allowing for water displaced by substrate and hardscape, but remembering to add the water in your filter if you have a big external canister. I did a lot of research and Levamisole is not a very harsh drug – in the early days people were using relatively huge doses until someone figured out the ideal dose, above which there is zero benefit to going. On that basis I did my calculation quite liberally, erring on the side of being generous because you definitely dont want to under-dose this drug.

So 1 drop per 1L
100 drops = 4.4ml so 1 drop = 0.044ml, which means that 0.5ml = 12 drops and 1ml = 23 drops (yes 23! It depends on when you round up or round down!)

I found it most helpful to work out these volumes as I was not about to stand over a tank trying to count 185 drops! I used a syringe and then added a few drops to make up the smaller volumes. e.g. 185 litres for a 200 litre aquarium. 8ml eSHa-NDX dosed from the syringe plus 12 drops for the extra 0.5 ml

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