ATB Elegance 200 with Airstar 1200 DC Hvid

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ATB Elegance 200 with Airstar 1200 DC

ATB protein skimmers have achieved a perfect balance between the intake air ratio and the volume of water in order to achieve a constant, stable foam volume and turbulence elimination. The company ATB introduced the world’s first skimmer with a revolutionary conical shape in 2001. Thanks to this, the contact time of the air and water is greatly increased, thus increasing the efficiency of the filtration process in the reaction chamber. By combining this effect with consistent micro bubble formation created by Airstar air pumps, you get a recipe for uncompromising performance that both amateur and professional aquarists require.


  • Simple maintenance
  • Highly polished edges
  • Entire construction made of white PVC
  • Available in red (model 20001R)
  • A double sieve and double expansion chamber to extend contact time
  • Pump integrated inside of skimmer
  • Lifetime service support
  • Titanium screws
  • For tanks up to 1000 l.

Technical specification:

  • Floor plan: 250 x 210 mm (incl. pipes and pump)
  • Overall height: 650 mm
  • For tanks up to 1000 l
  • Air volume ~ 1200 l / h 
  • Water volume ~ 2000 l / hour
  • Power 24 watt
  • Airstar 1200 DC pump
  • Weight: 5,4 kg
  • Recommended water level in the ext. tank/sump: 15 – 16 cm
  • Accessories:

    Ozone connection port (+ 12, – EUR)

    Automatic overflow protection (+ 119,- EUR)

    Automatic pot cleaning system (+ 299,- EUR)

    Waste drain (+ 19,- EUR)

    Smell absorbtion system ( + 19,- EUR)

    Note: Try to avoid dispensing a high iodine content near the white part of the PVC

    WATCH OUT for replicas of the original and patented ATB design.

  • Series: ATB Elegance line
    Catalogue number: 20001
    Suitable for system volume up to:  
    Low bio-load
    1000 l
    High bio-load
    600 l
    Air volume: 1200 l/h
    Volume of water: 2000 l/h
    Performance: 24 W

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